how to make your computer look like mac

How to make your computer look like mac
Step 1

Go to and click to download
Step 2
Open and Install it click I Agree and click next and always click next

Step 3

Went you install already you will see like this picture

Step 4

Go to click to download

Step 5

When download already open it

Step 6

Open the window Blinds you will see the mac os x theme and double click on the theme

Step 7

Right click on the taskbar click Lock the taskbar and move it to up

Step 8

Go to and click the top to download the lastest version

Step 9

Open and setup

Step 10

You will see it like this

Step 11

Go to and download it

Step 12

Copy this folder to the skin template of rocket dock

Step 13

Go to Local Disk C/Program Files/RocketDock/Skins and past the skin
Step 14

Open Dock Settings

Step 15

Click style and choose the theme mac os x leopard. You can change the mac os x wallpaper.

Now your computer is look like mac.


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